Event Bootcamps & Workshops

Industry presentations and workshops including:

  • Tourism Into Your Backyard  Increasing Visitor Stay and Spend
  • Grants Insider Trade Secrets
  • Business Plans Simplifying & Creativity
  • Tourism & Events Conferences

Workshops and presentations:

  • Event Bootcamps for Tourism & Events Queensland conducted in Cairns, Toowoomba, Bundaberg, Ipswich
  • Queensland Regional Events Conference, Tourism & Events Queensland, Mackay
  • Australian Regional Tourism Conference, Port Stephens, NSW

Bootcamp Feedback

“Great workshop, fantastic presenter worth the effort to attend.”

“Learnt a lot of valuable info.”

“I enjoyed the seminar, meeting new people that have similar interests and objectives.”

“I would recommend this. There are many groups in the Lockyer who would benefit.”

“If you have the opportunity to attend one do so.”

“If you can make it to the next one it will be something you will remember forever.”

“It was a fantastic opportunity to find out a lot of information.”

“I felt like this event has targeted directly at our event. I cam away with actual helpful information that I ca use immediately. Overall extremely helpful and well planned.”

“Krista gives very clear, practical advice and opens the doors to many different opportunities. I did not realise just how many resources are actually available to help with organising and promoting an event. Thank you Krista and LVRC.”

“Well worth attending- useful information.”

“Very beneficial, defiantly recommend it.”

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