Event Industry COVID Safe Guidelines for Queensland

Just released by the Queensland Tourism Industry Council, is an Industry Framework for COVID Safe Events.

Get your copy here – Qld Industry Framework for COVID Safe Events

From John Montgomery at Tourism & Events Queensland:

The purpose of this Framework is to set out key principles and provide strategies that will limit the transmission of COVID-19 during a range of different type of events, and to help event organisers operate safely. It sets out minimum requirements which event organisers should adhere to and provides strategies to assist event organisers deliver events during the COVID-19 pandemic.

All event organisers need to familiarise themselves with the Framework as it is applicable for all events, setting out the key principles and strategies to limit the risk of transmission of COVID-19 in event environments and requirements for events to proceed.

Event organisers should first determine if your event is covered by an existing Approved COVID Safe Plan, including:

  • Industry COVID Safe Plans for specific industries or venue types, such as community sporting events, live music venues and hotels.
  • Site Specific COVID Safe Plans for individual venues in which many events are held, such as an individual stadium or convention centre. Check with your venue or site owner whether they have an approved Site Specific COVID Safe Plan in place.
  • Professional Sporting Code COVID Safe Plans for professional sporting events. Check with the relevant sporting code about whether they have approved COVID Safe Plans applicable.